Merrick Spring Festival

The Merrick Spring Festival starts off Friday night with a multi-ride Carnival that runs along Sunrise Highway starting at Merrick Avenue.
Food trucks and games for prizes are also featured.
The Carnival continues throughout the day and night on Saturday and concludes at dusk Sunday night.
Art, Craft & Gift Vendors set up in the commuter lot immediately adjacent to the Carnival on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5-m each day.
There is live music, a magic act and lots of surprises and fun for the entire family at the Gazebo area right next to the vendors.
The Festival has been going on for over 25 years and is produced in association with the Merrick Chamber of Commerce who provide significant contributions to the scholarship funds of Merrick students.
GPS 1 Broadcast Plaza Merrick NY 11566
Located at the intersection of Merrick Avenue and Sunrise Highway, approximately 1/2 mile east of the Meadowbrook Parkway Exit M8E and approximately 1 mile west of the Wantagh Parkway Exit W5W
AMPLE FREE PARKING is available in the western end of the commuter lot next to the vendors and carnival.
Additional FREE PARKING is available behind the movie theatre directly across the street from the vendors on Broadcast Plaza as well as in the several municipal parking lots up and down Merrick Avenue and Sunrise Highway.
Art, Craft, Gift, Prepackaged Food, Public Officers, Worthwhile Charities    
$160 total rent for the two-day show when paid in advance.
$175 total rent for the two-day show when paid on the day of the show if space available.
$90 for any one day when paid in advance.
$100 for any one day when paid on the day of the show if space available.
Service Vendors 
$360 total rent for the two-day show when paid in advance.
$210 for any one day when paid in advance.
Food and Food Truck Vendors prohibited by the Chamber of Commerce.
Produced in association with the Merrick of Chamber of Commerce, the Merrick Spring Festival benefits college bound students.
Admission and Parking are Free.
                  Attendance~With reasonably good weather 100-150 vendors and 5,000-7,000 shoppers for the two day Event.
Advertised hours 10am-5pm
Vendor set up in the parking lot begins Saturday at 7am and Sunday at 7:30am.
All vendor spaces are in the Parking Lot.
Vendor spaces in the Street are only available for the Merrick Fall Festival & Street Fair.
All spaces are 13'x10'.
Vendors may leave their set up overnight.
In order to be guaranteed the same location the following day, vendors must leave something in their space overnight so that management knows it is reserved.
In order to get the same space you had on Saturday for Sunday, please leave something in your space and arrive by fifteen minutes before the advertised opening time of the event.
If you have paid for only Saturday you may get the same space for Sunday simply by following the steps listed above.
Management will come by on Sunday to collect your rent for the day.
Vendor parking is steps away.
Please do not park anywhere in the Vendors Parking Lot.
Vendors set up on blacktop.
All vendor spaces allow vendors to unload at or very near their space.
Space locations are assigned on a first-come basis under the direction of Show Management.
Do not set up on your own.
With a full Carnival, live music and plenty of good food, the event is extremely well attended.