Garden City Street Fair Est. 1982

Craft, Gift, Prepackaged Food, Public Officers, Worthwhile Charities    
$95 when paid in advance
$105 when paid on the day of the show if space is available.
Service & All Food Vendors including Food Trucks
Produced in association with the Garden City Chamber of Commerce.
Held in conjunction with the High School's Home Coming Day.
The exact date, usually in October, is usually announced sometime in the month of May
The Chamber is responsible for cancellation because of inclement weather.

Attendance~With reasonably good weather 75-100 vendors and
5,000-6,000 shoppers for the one day Event.

At this time vendor space is available.

Held on Seventh Street in the main downtown shopping district, this event is attended by several thousand enthusiastic and affluent shoppers.
Vendor spaces are 13'x10'.
Vendor set up begins at 7am.
Vendors must enter onto 7th Street from Hilton Ave...please do not try to enter from Franklin Ave or from adjacent parking lots.
Vendors vehicles must be off the street by 9:30am.
Vendors who arrive after 9am will not be allowed to bring their vehicle onto the street and will have to hand carry or wheel their set ups from the adjacent parking lots to their space.
The advertised hours are be 10am-4pm.
By 5pm all vendors must be off the street with their merchandise and displays on the sidewalk.
For public safety--At the end of the day under no circumstances may any vendor attempt to bring their vehicle onto the street without approval by Show Management or uniformed Garden City Police.
The above conditions and time constraints are from the Garden City Police and Fire Departments.
All spaces allow vendors to unload at or very near their space.
Vendor parking is nearby and convenient.
Space locations are assigned on a first-come basis under the direction of Show Management.
Please do not set up on your own.

GPS address 190 Seventh Street, Garden City 11530